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When you take the advice of our expert nutritionist, Nereda the first thing you’ll notice is an increase in energy. If you’re eating well, you lower your chances of both short-term and serious illness. You’ll feel lighter and happier and friends will start to ask, ‘What’s your secret?’

Our clients notice increased strength for all the things that matter most. Whether it’s chasing after kids, returning to a sport you used to love or flying through the working day with a clearer mind — eating well helps.

And with our nutritionist in your corner, you’ll receive recipes, advice and practical tips for all those small, simple changes that produce big results over time.

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Diet advice abounds in magazines and online. Much of it is unhealthy or even damaging to the body. It can be confusing to sift through contradictory accounts of how to be well.

Cut through the rumours and gossip. Our nutritionist Nereda, will answer your questions directly and set you on a path that’s right for you.

Health Guidance

Before we help you set specific goals, it’s important to understand how your health is tracking now. Becoming clear on your starting point will give you an exciting measure for comparison over the coming weeks.

Complete our simple questionnaires and you’ll receive personal feedback from our nutritionist, Nereda. She’ll help you take your first steps to achieving and maintaining your best health.

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Flex Body @ Work

Flex Body @ Work

Building a strong, committed, healthy team to secure your company’s future The workplace has certainly changed over the past 18 months, in a way we could not have foreseen. Where previously we enjoyed a centralised, communal location for employees we now have remote...

What are Good Fats?

What are Good Fats?

The subject of fats can be incredibly confusing. We hear good, bad, trans, mono - how do we make sense of it all? Luckily, our nutritionist Nereda Merrin has done that for us. Here is the definitive guide to our favourites, the Good Fats. Monounsaturated and...

Why do we need protein?

Why do we need protein?

We all need protein - an essential nutrient, responsible for many functions in your body, including the building of tissue, muscles and cells, as well as making anti-bodies and hormones.  Studies also suggest that as we get older we may benefit from eating more...

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